Traditional Bows

I will soon have a complete photo gallery of the bows that I offer and the various wood selections from which you can have yours made. The Brown Camo is an excellent riser choice and Ray is very pleased with his. Ray purchased a take down Hunter with Green Camo riser and has used it to reduce the local Caribou population by at least one. All our longbows and recurves offer exceptional value and are a pleasure to shoot. At the moment I'm shooting a take down Crusader(59# @ 28 ) and I'm very pleased with it.

The Crusader is a very fine piece of work with and excellent reputation and available as a take down as well. Weights up to 70 pounds anything over this requires payment upon order. This bow is available as a 62", 64", 66",and 68", with a riser of either or Babinga, Zebra, Walnut, Padouk and Purpleheart. Bocote and Coca Bola available upon request and surcharge is applied. The take down version riser is made of Micarta as they require the extra non-flexing strength that Micarta supplies. Limbs are available in Yew, Osage, Black Locust, Zebra, Elm and Walnut. I have a Take down 62' RH 60 pounds at 28" on the way with Yew limbs ,should be a real beauty and is up for grabs. Contact me for details.

The "Firebird" is a wonderful to shoot 56" takedown recurve available in many diffent woods, riser and limb combinations are excellent. I'm waiting on updated information on the possible woods. My last one was a Babinga / Purpleheart riser with Black locust limbs and this combination looked great and shoot well.

The TD Sabre is an excellent choice for a bow up forty pounds(+ 40 by special order) and for the budget minded archer. Perfect for classes and groups and I have 3 in stock for beginners. The Kings Pawn is a very nice 64"one piece, both these models are available with white or black glass finish. The Kings Pawn riser is available in Walnut or Cherry with Maple limbs.The Sabre is available with with Laminated Action wood limbs or on special order Yew, Black Locust, Osage, Walnut or Zebra wood. Inserts for sights and stabilizers installed upon request.

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