Water Kite Swift Water Rescue Systems

I have just learned that Rescue 3 International is now backing the Shark and is designing a program for the Shark. That is a some serious support and we appreciate it. Rescue 3 is well known for their Swiftwater rescue expertise and other programs as well. I'm hoping to have my new OS up and running this week and I can then get some video happening on the page.

Tundrasails is pleased to be able to offer you the latest and slickest Swift water rescue system I have seen to date. The Water kite products will soon be changing the way we rescue folks offering many advantages the most important of which is Rescuer safety.

As all Swiftwater personal know entering the water is the last thing we want to do and with the SHARK this is no longer necessary a total shore based rescue system that keeps your personal high and dry just the way we like them. Keeping your rescue crew out of the water is the best thing that you could do for them as the risk once you have entered the water is greatly increased and should be avoided at all cost.

The practical uses of this device are varied and numerous, gone are the days of the first man across wading the river, you can now safely ferry them across feet dry, followed by the team gear and the rest of the team, with one man left switch control banks and bring your last man over. The platform can be placed at the bottom of a rapid waiting to be snagged by swimmers who you then bring to shore. You could operated out of a rescue boat on open water and wide rivers powering almost up to the swimmer and them deploying the device to bring them to the boat. Perfect for the Coast Guard Aux as they aren't allowed to enter the water. These are but a few of the ways in which your team could deploy the Shark.

The usefulness of this rig isn't bound just to the months of open water but may be used as a rescue platform on ice rescues and by removing your skeg you can use it as a skimmer behind your snow machine.

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