Now is the time folks

Folks the first day of winter has come and gone and the days are getting longer. Time to think about a sail for your boat of choice is now so your ready for the spring thaw. Should you live where there is open water all year long anytime is right to add a sail to your boat. Extended daily cruising range or just plain sailing for fun a sail is a great addition to your boats capabilites and makes for an easy ride home at times.

New members joining our fleet

Just sent a single sail to a PA Single to Mike in Victoria and he will soon be leaving his wake across the Pacific Ocean lucky fella. Just look for the bright red/yellow sail on a white yak and you will have found Mike. In would like to see you all out there flying along under a Tundrasail, give me an e-mail and lets make a deal.

Good news!

I'm pleased to be able to offer this fine line of kayak and canoe covers. Boats our favourite toys are also expensive investments and these covers will add years to their lives. Please use the Danuu Products link on my menu bar for more details and photos. We are now offering Waterkite Rescue products as well and complete details are listed on the Water Kites page in the menu bar, feel free to brose. Complete details are being added this week Contact me for details if your interested.

Pacific Action Kayak sails

These sails can liven things up for you or take all the work out of the long trip home at the end of the day. Excellent performance downwind and across the wind, but capable of surprising performance in all conditions. A rudder makes life very easy but, these work fine without one using your paddle slows you a little but will work. The sail is quick and easy to install, using a few household tools and requires little maintenance.The learning curve for those new to sailing is very easy to follow and with a stiff breeze, pretty exciting.

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